Red Fox

Originally posted on Cecily Nabors:
? This morning while we were eating breakfast, a squirrel came racing across our patio. In hot pursuit was a handsome red fox. The squirrel was there to harvest seeds dropped from our bird-feeders; the fox was there to seize his own breakfast…

How to Survive a Workplace Shooting

Safety expert Bill Stanton showed Inside Edition ways you can reduce the risk the unthinkable happens and a shooter invades your workplace or school. These tips will tell you how you can protect yourself. #1 Establish A Safe Room If you have no way out, find a place to hide. Build a barricade […]

The Old Barn

There is something about an old barn. Weathered and worn, sagging beam, missing board, each defect adding to its charm. Gorgeous in its decrepitude. Why don’t we see people this way? The area around Washington, D.C. is filled with many picturesque scenes — Civil War structures one step from falling down, […]