Diana Belchase

Congratulations GOLDEN HEART Finalist, Diana Belchase!

I’m so grateful to Lena Diaz celebrating my fourth Golden Heart nomination, and entry into the Golden Hall of Fame, with this incredible post. This time it’s for the fourth book in my spy series! That means each and every book thus far has either won or been nominated for this coveted award and I’m so deeply honored. For a peek at the first book in the series just click on the tab on my website.

I’m even happier this time that my blog mate, friend, and former cofinalist, Sarah Andre, is up for a Rita on the same night I’m up for a Golden Heart. We’ve come a long way together. I’ll be rooting for her as hard as I can.

Blowing kisses to all my Kiss and Thrill blog mates who all met through the Golden Heart a few years ago and to all my new and totally brilliant 2017 Golden Heart sisters, too.

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