A View of the White House

(c) 2017 Diana Belchase

I’ve been lucky to be invited to the Top of the Hay several times this year. While I’ll be talking more about that in a later post, the most striking thing about this private room on the ninth floor of the Hay Adams Hotel is the view. It directly overlooks the White House in the most remarkable way.

From this bird’s eye perch, we can see from Lafayette Square all the way to the Air Force Memorial in Arlington,Virginia, to the National Harbor in Maryland, to the Potomac beyond. Below, protestors march in front of black iron gates, while couples stroll under the thick canopy of trees, and the dome on St John’s Church, also called the Church of the Presidents, glistens in the dimming light.

Here we are at the moment of dusk, when the sun finally submits to night, and the lights of the memorials glow against an indigo sky. The White House sits like a pearlescent jewel encased in the velvet of a dark park, like a star that has fallen to earth.

Somethings refresh your soul. I wish my photo could do justice to what I saw.Someday I’ll learn the proper settings and capture an even better image.In the meantime, I hope this little glimpse will let you know that I bring you, my readers, with me, in my heart, every place I go.

Be safe, be well, be happy.

Diana Belchase


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