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Dining with the French Ambassador

Champagne, truffles and a Frenchman? Dining with the French ambassador was right out of the pages of a novel.

One of the most magnificent homes in the D.C. area,  the French Ambassador’s Residence is a mansion filled with treasures that reflect it’s history — from Kings like Louis XIV to Emperors like Napoleon Bonaparte — but also reflects our mutual history. Busts of figures like Benjamin Franklin attest to this especially.

I’ve been lucky to be invited to dine with the Ambassador twice, and each time he is everything that a Frenchman is reputed to be — handsome, charming, suave and extremely gracious.  How lovely that he allowed me to take such extensive photographs so I could share it with you. Here’s a taste of the evening:

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  1. That’s what I miss about D.C.., the opportunity to go to such places. Not that I would ever have been invited to the French Ambassador’s home. But I have been to the French Embassy. And some great places. These photos are wonderful, Diana. And of course, the little black dress is great and appropriate. You may color me a tad green with envy.

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