Weekend Roundup: Five Fabulous Posts You Should Read

Here are some great links to posts you might enjoy this weekend — if you’ve run out of things to read on Top Secret Washington or BookSmart TV that is!

  • First up for writers — Ever notice that a character has green eyes in book one and blue in book two? Or the ice-cream that they were allergic to in book three is now their favorite flavor? Scrivener expert, Gwen Hernandez, talks about how to create a series bible to keep your characters straight: Using Scrivener collections and Project Search to populate your series bible. 


    Sicilian prickly pears in season


  • Next, Veronica Di Grigoli talks about the trendy and idealistic idea of only eating seasonally off the land. Here is her take on living in the Mediterranean and being forced to do without fruit for several months of the year: Do you only eat fruit in season, or forced in greenhouses? 
  • Allison Brennan never pulls a punch whether she’s writing one of her fabulous books or telling you what she thinks on her Murder She Writes blog. She speaks for many of us as she discusses when a TV series has lost its zing and how viewers deserve a final episode: Please, Just No: When Television Screws it Up. 


  • original-greg-and-rock

    Betty May’s family hauling “The Rock”

    Betty May had me laughing and crying as she told about her family’s love affair with a rock. A master storyteller, I’m sure she’ll have you in stitches too: The Rock 

  • Finally, Steve Zacharius, CEO and President of Kensington, goes up against JA Konrath, bestselling thriller/horror author, as they discuss the perils, pitfalls, and positives of being published traditionally versus independently. What I love about this post is that while they are respectful of each other, both go toe-to-toe with complete frankness: Questions From Steve Zacharius, CEO and President of Kensington.

Hope you all enjoy!

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