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Where are we? Fun and Games near Washington, D.C.

Okay, time for a bit of fun. Can you identify where these photos were taken? I’ll give you a hint, we’re near George Mason University in Virginia. I’m not looking for a town — Can you tell me what restaurant I’m at?


First clue — this architecturally interesting arched seating area that conveys intimacy and elegance with two modern chandeliers. Is this a smart bistro? A restaurant at the airport?



Next, bright murals with pop art esthetics. Polished chrome railings like you’d see in swanky seafood restaurants in Old Town, Alexandria. Hmm, any ideas yet?


Okay, here’s another clue. Pert cafe tables under oversized beans illustrating the ABC’s of America’s favorite brew. CNN is playing on flat-screen TVs. Are we in a chic coffee bar?


Here’s a big clue. Under that elegant light is a plaque memorializing the restaurant’s founder. Got it yet?


Okay, there it is, the final clue — the only golden arches to be found at — wait for it — McDonald’s! Kudos to the new design that elevates all our preconceived notions about fast food. I’ve got to say — McDonald’s, I’m lovin’ it!


And even more kudos to the franchise owners for supporting the local team. Yay, Patriots!

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  1. Wow, fancy! We have one here that allows you to program in your own order. Haven’t tried it yet, but can see McDonald’s is thinking about the future 🙂

  2. I hope you had fun at the Patriot Center (or whatever they’re calling it now!). Sorry we couldn’t join you. At least it wasn’t raining!

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