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The Old Barn

IMG_6371There is something about an old barn. Weathered and worn, sagging beam, missing board, each defect adding to its charm. Gorgeous in its decrepitude. Why don’t we see people this way?

The area around Washington, D.C. is filled with many picturesque scenes — Civil War structures one step from falling down, modern bright red barns festooned with Amish stars, pastures full of cows or sheep, log cabins from the 1600s. I’ll be bringing more to you each week.

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  1. I am infatuated with old barns too. Now that I am back in the Midwest I want to photograph them, paint them, frame them and wander through them looking for wild kittens like I did when I was growing up in Illinois. I look forward to seeing what you find next week. Thanks!

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