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A Sad Goodbye to Kyiv, Ukraine

“We’ve triggered the evacuation from Kyiv,” he said, entering the kitchen, “I’m going to Lviv, you’re leaving the country—no arguments!” My husband told me to finish packing my ‘go’ bag – we had packed two small carry-on suitcases a few weeks earlier ‘just in case’. “I’ve got work to do.” He gave me a kiss. And with that, he headed to his home office to get online.

An Easter Kiss

Modica is a Baroque town perched in the mountains of southern Sicily, an island just off the tip of the Italian mainland. With over one hundred churches, it is the site of one of Sicily’s most beloved Easter traditions. The Spanish, before there was a unified Spain and […]

Good Friday in Italy

Covid-19 has caused us all to shutter ourselves away from the world, away from religious and traditional gatherings. I hope to bring a little glimpse of the beauty of Holy Week to you, my readers, by sharing footage from a past Good Friday in Taormina, Sicily. Good Friday […]

The Old Barn

There is something about an old barn. Weathered and worn, sagging beam, missing board, each defect adding to its charm. Gorgeous in its decrepitude. Why don’t we see people this way? The area around Washington, D.C. is filled with many picturesque scenes — Civil War structures one step from falling down, […]