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Summer Movie Reviews 2013

After being in bed, sick with bronchitis, I finally have been catching up on some new movie releases.  While they range from literary to sci fi to feel good, I wanted to share my favorites with you.

The Great Gatsby

Can I tell you how much I love this film?  I don’t know why some people aren’t singing its praises but I consider this a masterpiece.  Finally, the real flavor of Fitzgerald’s seminal novel has been captured.  Daisy, the main character, is Paris Hilton-rich and equally confused, living in a society that is one big out-of-control party.  If you’re not into literary fiction, go for the amazing houses, gardens, jewelry and dresses. Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Oscar for this performance as a man who is obsessed with trying to change the past.  Tobey Maguire is also superb as Nick, the Fitzgerald semi-autobiographical character. The ultimate story of keeping up with the Joneses.

Five Stars:  Must See!  [ Give it the “Green Light” 😉 ]

Star Trek Into Darkness

This alternate universe Star Trek episode completely kicks a**.  See it in 3D IMAX if at all possible.  Great acting and plot, except for one minor scene where they literally send a petite female to fight a super villain.  In 3D some of the near shots are a bit blurry which can be annoying, but the dizzying falls through the space ship are completely worth the nuisance.  Don’t go if you are so wed to the old mythology that the new alternate universe will drive you nuts.  But for the rest of us, an amazing flick.

Five Stars:  Want to See it Again!

The Internship

The acting duo that made Wedding Crashers a huge success strikes again.  Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are utterly adorable as they take what could have been a cheesy, hackneyed plot and instead transform it into the feel-good-movie-of-the-year.  Superb subtleties in the acting and direction help highlight that the over-40 generation has much to offer and that anyone can succeed with the right attitude. While at times it seems like an ad for Google (they play interns at Google), the movie still delivers.  Aside from a scene in a strip club, it would have been a great kids movie, too, but I’m not recommending it for kids for that reason.  I am recommending it for a great date night movie.  Even my husband left smiling.

Five Stars: Makes me want to upgrade to Google Plus!

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