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83,000 Americans Still Missing as Rolling Thunder Calls it Quits

83,000 Americans Still Missing as Rolling Thunder Calls it Quits

Missing in action. What horrible words for loved ones to hear. The acronyms “POW” and “MIA” strike fear in the heart of the most stalwart military family. It is hard to believe that as 2018 draws to a close there are still approximately 83,000 Americans who are unaccounted for. The vast majority of these soldiers, sailors, and air force personnel are listed as prisoners of war (POW), missing in combat (MIA), or lost at sea, during WWII, Vietnam and other U.S. military actions. Now, the most powerful organization bringing awareness to MIAs, POWs, and to other veteran’s issues, Rolling Thunder, has announced it’s calling it quits in D.C. because of untenable logistical problems. Seeing Rolling Thunder come to an end is heartbreaking.

Award News!

Diana Belchase was named a finalist for the Linda Howard Award of Excellence for her spy thriller, The Spy in the Harem. The Award is given by the Southern Magic writers group from Birmingham.

Remembering John Rehm

On June 23rd, 2014, John Rehm passed away. Though it has been two years, I still think of him often. He was a mentor and friend who died much too young and much too painfully. Please join me in remembering him via this post from back then. Too […]

Julia Child: A Spy in the Kitchen

Most people don’t know that Julia Child’s kitchen was painstakingly deconstructed and rebuilt within the sacred halls of the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Most people also don’t know that Julia worked for the OSS, the precursor of our present day CIA. Julia is a role model for […]

Dancing at the Thai Embassy

Living in Washington is wonderful. The city is a museum, culture is everywhere, and politics often makes sleeping pill prescriptions totally unnecessary. Sometimes I lose sight of how interesting and different our city is, but events like the one I attended on Friday night shake out complacency. Yes, […]

Darynda Jones Prize Winner!

I know I’ve dragged this out quite some time. Two weeks doesn’t sound like much, unless you’re waiting with bated breath for me to post something — anything — about who won the delectable prize of reading a Darynda Jones Eighth Grave After Dark ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) well before […]

Columbus, Our Lost Hero

Columbus Day hardly gets much notice lately. There are furniture store sales, some government offices and banks are closed, a parade in New York City that is no longer nationally televised, and he’s no longer held up like a hero to school children. I feel sorriest for kids […]