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Brad Meltzer Kills

Bestselling author, Brad Meltzer, sat down with Diana Belchase on the night his newest novel, The Fifth Assassin released at Politics and Prose bookstore in Washington, DC.  Find out how Brad came up with the idea for a Presidential serial assassin, the scoop on his TV show, Decoded, and how he ended up consulting for the Department of Homeland Defense.

For a look at the Everybody Hates Brad Meltzer funny video starring his grandmother, her friends and his kids’ Little League team click here.  Buy the Fifth Assassin everywhere, preferably at your favorite independent bookstore.  And to see a truly heartwarming surprise Brad received at Politics and Prose Bookstore last week in another video I shot, please click here:  Brad Meltzer’s USO Surprise.  I guarantee there won’t be a dry eye when you’re done.

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  1. I want some of those 3rd world kids working for me and writing my bestselling novel, too! Lots of fun watching this.

    • Yup, it would be nice to have “someone” churning out bestsellers in our names, Marygold. But then we’d miss all the fun of writing them ourselves! Thanks for visiting.

  2. When does he have time to do all those books and TV shows and USO? Exhausting just thinking about it. Keep up the good work, Brad!

  3. That video Diana shot of Brad with the vet was so moving! Keep up the great work with the USO, Brad!

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