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Beppe Severgnini & Italian Elections (Video)

Next week marks a pivotal change for Italians as they decide between responsible fiscal policy and livable taxation.  Bestselling author, journalist, commentator, and TV personality, Beppe Severgnini took a few minutes to speak with me about their upcoming elections.  He is a media phenomenon who has crossed the culture gap between the Italian and English speaking worlds — a pop sensation in his homeland who has been knighted by the British queen.  And in the U.S., after his book Ciao America hit the U.S. bestseller list, his aficionados so regularly haunted his former home in Georgetown, a plaque dedicated to him now graces the door.

In this interview, Beppe discusses his documentary, Portland to Portland — where he followed the U.S. presidential race across the country — the differences between Italian and American culture, and next week’s Italian elections.

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  1. Interesting interview– thank you, Diana! I have visited Italy as a tourist, but it is so interesting to hear an insider’s perspective. I was especially intrigued by Beppe’s key phrases to describe America such as: competitive, future-oriented, spectacular (as in graduations and football games), and how Americans seek comfort. Thank you for sharing this insightful interview!

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