Blurb for The Spy in the Mirror

Here’s a blurb about my book, The Spy in the Mirror

Once upon a time, Trina Bianchi’s life was normal … or at least as normal as the daughter of two international spies could ever be.  Learning about guns with her ABC’s, picking locks by age four, breaking ciphers at fifteen, she was happy — until a bomb went off killing her father and leaving her mother brain dead, forcing Trina to hide from the men responsible.

Now vengeance is all Trina longs for.  The twenty-three-year-old sacrifices everything else in her life.  She knows the Director of her parents’ old agency is the key to intel about their murder.  She badgers him until he takes her on — strictly off the books.  When a leak results in the decimation of China Branch, Trina’s unofficial status gives her unique anonymity and her first real mission.  It’s an opportunity to prove herself — or get herself killed.

Sent to Hong Kong, she’s ordered to infiltrate the city’s high-powered American and British ex-pat inner circle. Trina’s must discover who’s behind the sale of secret military technology and the death of twelve operatives.  Soon she’s juggling a lecherous boss at her cover job, catty socialites, playboy financiers, and ducking bullets in the middle of the night.  All while uncovering a clue in her parents’ case.  By mission’s end, her contact is dead, her bureau chief is missing, and the man she’s fallen in love with might be working for the enemy.

**The Spy in the Mirror won first place in the Golden Heart, the Silver Quill, the Jack Reid, the Wisconsin Fab Five, and the Cleveland Rocks Awards.


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