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Washington Wednesdays: Ice Covers the Capital

Like most of the United States, the weather here in the capital has been brutal. We’ve plummeted to well below freezing with wind chills that have taken us to -12 a mere week ago to the 60’s today.

While I despair of my plants recovering from the horrid pattern of freeze, thaw, freeze, throughout the area, one cannot but be amazed at the beauty of nature.

The ice storm that recently passed is a reminder of winter’s deadly beauty. Here are some photos that show our nation encased in ice as varied and impressive as the most luxurious crystal Baccarat ever made.

There are photos here of every angle, wide, detail, and close up. I hope you enjoy Washington’s winter ice.

All images (c) 2019 Diana Belchase all rights reserved


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  1. Just stunning. Reminds me of an ice storm we had when I was in high school – all the trees encased in ice, and the sidewalks too slippery for walking.

    • Yes, these storms don’t happen often, Evelyn, but when they do, absolutely breathtaking. Hope you’ll stop by again. Hugs!

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