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Undercover Fridays: Private Snafu’s Loose Lips Sink Ships

Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite government educational films from the WWII era. To educate soldiers, the U.S. government came up with an adorable cartoon character called Private Snafu. In this three minute short, called “Spies,” we see how the combination of alcohol and a pretty girl causes his loose lips to truly sink ships.

A World War II poster warning civilians and military alike not to talk

If you ever wondered where that phrase came from, the above poster is the readon why.

Some of you may remember the origin of Snafu’s name is an old navy acronym for “situation normal all F’d up.” And that adage certainly fits Snafu. He brings chaos in his wake wherever he goes. The character was such a hit, they made tons of these cartoons and they were released to movie theaters as well as used for military training.

So here without further ado is Snafu in “Spies.” Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I’ll be bringing you more of these gems in the future.

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