Diana Belchase’s Triple Play–Three Daphne Nominations!

Thank you to Krista Hall for writing this wonderful piece about me that originally posted on Kiss and Thrill! Better than awards are friends who are there to support you in good times and in bad. Krista is one of those folks and I am incredibly glad to be blogging with her these past seven years.

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By Krista Hall

Unassisted triple plays are rare in baseball—only 15 players can claim the accomplishment. In the writers’ world, unassisted triple plays are just as elusive. Today, I am proud to announce that K&T’s Diana Belchase has achieved an unassisted triple play—three nominations for the prestigious Daphne Award for excellence in mystery and suspense.

The Daphne Award, named after Daphne DuMaurier who wrote the iconic book Rebecca (“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again.”), is for published and unpublished authors of romantic and mainstream suspense, mystery, and thrillers. The unpublished division finalists were announced this week. Diana was nominated for:

Historical Mystery/Suspense
Diana Belchase for At Midnight

Inspirational Mystery/Suspense
Diana Belchase for His Brother’s Child

Mainstream Mystery/Suspense
Diana Belchase for By the Skin of Her Teeth

Not only is Diana a talented writer across multiple genres, she is also a skilled storyteller across multimedia. In addition to her fiction writing, Diana produces author interviews on her YouTube channel, writes a regular current affairs column for Montgomery County Media, blogs at ,, and , and is a feature writer for the Times of Sicily. She also produces a cable TV show featuring author interviews.

Since I can’t share excerpts from Diana’s nominated stories, I thought I’d share three of my favorite Diana Belchase interviews that show how special she is and what a wonderful sense of fun she has. The first is a hysterical interview with mystery author Louise Penny, the second talks about fiction and Earth Day, rounded out by a very rare interview with author ER Braithwaite who wrote To Sir With Love

Celebrating Earth Day with Shannon Baker: Aliens, Polygamists, and Hopi, Oh My!

To Sir with Love, An Evening with ER Braithwaite

Congratulations to Diana and all the Daphne finalists! The winners will be announced in July in New York City. We have our fingers crossed for another unassisted triple play by the super talented Diana Belchase!

Diana Belchase

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  1. Congratulations, Diana. I always look enjoy to your blogs & your author interviews are so much fun I can hardly wait for the next one!

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