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Author Lena Diaz Breaches FBI Security!

Ever wonder what it is like behind the doors of the FBI? Author Lena Diaz knows all too well … 😉

Kiss and Thrill

It wasn’t easy, but I persevered and got inside an FBI field office. What I saw was…


AMAZING! It was so cool to be there! And it was like breaching Fort Knox to get inside. Seriously.

I was part of a tour group from my local Sisters in Crime chapter, a non-profit organization of lovers of mysteries and thrillers (both readers and authors.)

Weeks before the planned visit to the Jacksonville, Florida field office, I had to fill out forms giving the FBI permission to perform a full background check on me. Since they approved my visit, I’m guessing they totally missed my questionable internet searches such as “how to kill someone and make it look like an accident.”fbi

At the appointed time for the visit, I was told to leave my cell phone and anything that contained GPS tracking technology in my car. So, after divesting myself of all of my…

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  1. LOVE Lena’s sense of humor but I’m totes jelly of her getting to peek around & see fun things like a samurai sword in the armory & some (HOT) agents sparring. Being allowed to handle things like the kevlar vest & assorted weaponry is simply the world’s best icing on this awesome FBI (beef)cake(fest)!

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