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Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger Back Together Again?

Watching Nancy Reagan’s funeral today was the ultimate D.C. event — even though it was at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. D.C. insiders turned out in droves.

Patti Reagan gave a heartfelt speech her mother would have been proud of. Ron Reagan was less eloquent. But interestingly, there was none of the physical contact between siblings that you’d expect at such a moment. It makes me wonder what their relationship is really like.

The most surprising moment in the funeral came at the very end. While commentators droned on, recapping the event, the cameras showed Ron Reagan bidding farewell to guests.


Whether at Ronald Reagan’s funeral above, or at Nancy’s, they present very much as a couple. (Photographer’s Mate 1st Class David A. Levy)

Imagine my surprise seeing  Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger acting like a couple. Could they be getting back together again? I mean, if my ex husband, who had gotten my maid pregnant, was in the same room as me, I’d be on the other side of it.  I certainly wouldn’t be sitting with him, leaving with him, and giving every indication we were together. 

Maria Shriver is a class act. She’s put the welfare of her kids before her pride in the housekeeper/love child mess. She’s made sure their four children could feel good about supporting their father when away filming, or at his birthday party. But the children weren’t there at the funeral. And while there are reports of them dating other people, in this time of grief over an old and beloved friend, they turned not to others, but to each other, as comfortably as sliding into a pair of well-worn slippers.

In my heart of hearts, I am so hoping they are reconciling. Not only do I love happy endings, but they always struck me as an extraordinary couple — the kind of couple everyone describes Nancy and Ronald Reagan as being. Their ability to love and support one another, despite firmly entrenched, differing political views made me adore them even more.

If a Kennedy could marry and support a Republican, perhaps even the U.S. Congress could get together and do great things for our country.

I feel the same way about James Carville and Mary Matalin, by the way. There is something enduringly wonderful about people who love each other enough to overlook major political differences — especially when their jobs force them into adversarial positions.


(Courtesy University of Mount Union)

Life is strange, full of the unexpected. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this favorite couple of mine, Arnie and Maria, can put the past behind them and work on a future together.

In the meantime, Arnold is scheduled to take over Trump’s role on Celebrity Apprentice. I can’t wait to see what he does. We know that Arnie is never predictable, which should make for great fun. Pundits wonder if he’ll dismiss contestants using Trump’s trademarked, “Your Fired,” phrase.

I certainly hope not.

I’m counting on him saying “Hasta La Vista Baby, You’re Terminated,” instead.


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