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Pandas and Cats at the Zoo

Here in Washington, D.C. , we’re all a little panda-crazy. There’s no better news on a cold winter day than the emergence of a new panda cub. In this blog post, my dear friend, Cecily Nabors, recounts her trip to the National Zoo to see the newest addition to the Washington, D. C. panda family.

Cecily Nabors


Lou and I went down to the National Zoo yesterday, one of the great perks of living in this metropolitan D.C. area. I really wanted to see the baby Giant Panda, who’s now four months old and beginning to explore her world. Because I’m a Friend of the National Zoo, we got to go into the panda house early to try to see her. The bad news was that the baby panda, Bao Bao, slept all day in an un-visible location as far as cameras were concerned (except the “panda-cam”). I did go back twice to see her; in the interim, she’d moved into another almost un-visible position. On tiptoe, I could see a little bit of her fur.


The good news was that we got to see other animals along the Asia Trail we’d never been able to see before. Winter is an excellent time to go…

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