Embassy of the Ukraine

The Embassy of the Ukraine occupies a historical house in Georgetown.  Inside the carefully restored main level harkens back to colonial times.  Here, Ukrainian art and historical items mingle with American ones.  It was here that the negotiations for the land which now comprises Washington, DC took place, and where George Washington met and had dinner with the landholders.

Ambassador Olexander Motsyk briefed us on issues of U.S. – Ukraine relations and his First Secretary, Denys Mykhailuk made us feel welcome as he showed us the important rooms of the house.  Later there was a reception on the lower level with delicious food and wines from the Ukraine.  We had a lovely time.

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  1. I personally delivered a copy of Eckhardt Tolle’s “Power of Now” to the Ukraine Embassy on September 25 at approximately twelve midnight. This copy was sent special delivery from Predident Barack O’bama to the people of the Ukraine. Enjoy!

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