Covert Exploits

Living in the DC area provides a ton of opportunities to get insider information on the way things work in our capital city.  But, how could I do these fab things and not take my readers along, too?  Here are some photos of my exploits in Washington, DC.

Use the drop down menu above, labeled Covert Exploits to click on individual galleries.  Or, if you prefer, use the links below to navigate to individual galleries (If links aren’t active please check back while I continue to load pages).

Taiwan (TECRO at Twin Oaks)

French Ambassador’s Residence

French Embassy/Maison Francais

Bowling at the White House

Christmas at the White House

Embassy of the Ukraine

Italian Embassy

British Embassy

Indian Embassy

Department of Justice

Naval War College

President’s Helicopter

NSA/Cryptology Museum

Coast Guard Base at Sandy Hook, NJ

LA Police Department and Academy

Gun Range

United Arab Emirates

Embassy of Angola

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