Who is Diana Belchase?

Washington DC Headshot PhotographerHere are some questions a friend of mine insisted I answer .

Which genres do you write in?  Suspense mostly, but also women’s fiction, some historical, nonfiction, and kids — in other words whatever I am drawn to.

If you could write like one author, who would it be? Oh, I don’t know, I want to write like me and have people like me for it.  😉

If you could be one superhero, or have one superpower, who/what would it be?  Well as another Diana, I’d have to say Wonder Woman (she was Diana Prince and looked great in a bathing suit — that should be a super power in and of itself!).  As a super power, the ability to please editors at a single rewrite?  LOL.

Where can we reach you?

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/diana.belchase  (Please friend me!)

Twitter @dianabelchase

What are you working on now? Both a spy novel and a women’s fiction novel.

Birthday: July (no I won’t be more specific — unless you torture me by force feeding me birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday at me off key.  Oh the horror!  The horror!)  Actually I LOVE birthdays, but I’m still not telling!

If you could be on any reality tv show, what would it be?  Oooh, either Tori and Dean or Guilianna and Bill.  Whatever you do, keep me away from Dance Moms!  Are those women nuts or what?

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever done? Won the Golden Heart in 2012.  Danced in the moonlight on the rooftop of Chapultepec Castle in Mexico.  <sigh>  Marry my husband.

What’s the coolest thing you’re about to do? Wake up tomorrow, look out my window, and be happy.

Awards and Accolades: I won the Golden Heart in 2011 (O.M.G can you believe I actually WON?!!!), and am a finalist again in 2012 (be still my beating heart!).  I also won the Jack Reid Award from the SCBWI (that’s for YA), and placed second in the Cleveland Rocks Northeastern Ohio Writers Contest.

Music or Silence (while you write)?  A little of both, and sometimes loud TV.  What can I say, I’m Italian.

What weird food do you like?  Must I confess?  Liver.  Stop gagging, if you make it my way it’s fantastic.

Name three things on your List of Things to Do Before You Die.  Okay, of course,  publish this next book, organize my house (I’d better live a very long time to accomplish that one), and finish doing my taxes — well maybe I’ll get lucky and that last one won’t get done.  <G>

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