Spies and Spy tips

How to Survive a Workplace Shooting

Safety expert Bill Stanton showed Inside Edition ways you can reduce the risk the unthinkable happens and a shooter invades your workplace or school.

These tips will tell you how you can protect yourself.

#1 Establish A Safe Room


If you have no way out, find a place to hide. Build a barricade using tables and chairs. Use whatever you can to block the door and make sure the barricade is as strong as it could be. Texas State University advises “lock the doors, turn off the lights, silence your phones and get out of sight.” 

#2 Use This Trick To Secure A Door


If you are in a room with a door that has this type of hinge, use a belt to lock it in place. Make sure the belt is buckled down as tight as possible.

#3 If Confronted By An Intruder …


Fight back if someone threatens you. Use whatever you can find to throw, hit or stab the perpetrator. Attack en masse — the more who join in, the better.

#4 A Fire Extinguisher Might Save You


A fire extinguisher can buy time by blasting the intruder, by creating a slippery surface on the floor, or even by using the heavy canister as a weapon to hit the intruder.

#5 Remember, Your Life Depends On You


Fight like you mean it, with no fear. This is a life or death situation. Go for the eyes, for any vulnerable spot. Hit and stab — use scissors, a pen or letter opener. Use as much force as you can so you can survive and make your escape.


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    • Extremely sad, Jacquie. A blight on childhood. My husband is of the era where everyone had to learn duck and cover. A horrible thing to associate with school days and this kind of thing is even worse. I was lucky growing up. The only things I had to worry about were mean girls and bullies. At least those are normal childhood experiences.

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